Day Rides

For those who wish to enjoy the wilderness but aren’t interested the rigors of an overnight trip, we offer fully outfitted full and half day horseback rides.

Full day rides are typically six to eight hours and include your horse, your guide, and your lunch.  For all day rides, we trailer the horses to any number trailheads in the surrounding area and spend the day exploring the backcountry.  For those who love to fish, we can access some beautiful remote lakes that see very little pressure and produce a fantastic fishing experience.  For those who are only interested in riding, during an all day ride we can guide you to some breathtaking views, through some amazing country.

For those wanting the horse experience without being gone all day, we offer half day rides from our ranch outside of town.  These rides take place in the badlands and are typically two to four hours.

We take great pride in our gentle saddlehorses.  All of which are veterans of many seasons of use and who have experienced just about everything the wilderness has to offer.  From our most gentle kids horse to a more spirited animal, all of our horses will take care of their riders, no matter their skill level.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our horseback rides.

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