Deer Hunting

  • We are permitted and licensed to guide deer hunters in area 128, and 129. We offer two types of hunts, a regular season, and a late season.
  • The difference between the two hunts is that while the trophy potential for the late season hunt is truly phenomenal, the license is extremely difficult to draw (about a 3% chance). For those who are looking for a truly magnificent buck and will be satisfied with nothing less, this is the hunt to apply for.
  • For those who are more interested in going hunting, and who would be satisfied with a decent buck, the regular season offers a much better chance of being drawn (100% in 2004). The big bucks are here, and we sometimes see them during the general season, but during the late season they have been driven down to the lower country by deepening snow, and they are starting to rut. This makes them far easier to hunt, and increases the odds of seeing a true monster.
  • Either hunt holds promise for any hunter. The general season hunt is usually more rigorous, as most of the high mountain passes and plateaus are still accessible by horse and foot.
  • The antelope season runs concurrently with the regular season deer hunt, and the opportunity exists for a combination hunt of the two species.
  • The deadline for this application is March 15th, remember, the application must be IN Cheyenne by the deadline, the postmark doesn’t matter.

We will endeavor to make this hunt as memorable, rewarding and successful as possible. All you need to bring is your rifle, license, personal gear, and desire.

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