Summer Packing

From June through the end of August we offer customized wilderness pack trips. These trips can last anywhere from two days to two weeks and are guaranteed to be an experience you won’t soon forget.
The focus of your trip dictates how your days in the wilderness will be spent. If catching some of these high mountain trout is your goal, there are plenty of stunning destinations that we will to ride to during the day. Here you can wet your line in waters fished for the last millennium by natives, trappers, and pioneers of the past and the present.
If photography or sightseeing is more your style, you can count on our horses to take you through and into some of the most ruggedly beautiful landscape in the world. We plan our schedule around the type of trip you desire, so the only limit to your enjoyment is your imagination.
When we return to camp from a day of horseback exploration, you’ll be hungry. One of our superb cooks will be waiting with food prepared in our mountain kitchen that will more than satisfy that need. Our meals are always one of the highlights of the trip. You can expect everything from pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon to steak, potatoes and a salad, and they will be prepared to your taste so that you never have to worry about walking away with an empty stomach.
Our staff consists of hard working, friendly men and women to whom this is not a job, but a lifestyle. We’ve chosen to make a living sharing this amazing and beautiful country that we know so well with those with an adventurous heart.
From the beginning of your trip to the last day, our goal is for you to have an authentic western experience. From the horses to the views to the food to the camaraderie we guarantee that this adventure will be one you won’t soon forget. The most common complaint we hear is that it all ends too soon. We look forward to the chance to make you regret having to go home.

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