Elk Hunting

Our elk hunts last seven days but the memories last a lifetime.

  • We are permitted and licensed to guide elk hunters in areas 67,68, and 69.
  • We have several different techniques for elk hunting, all of which are successful in their own right.

    We can utililize horses, four-wheelers, and trucks for varying degrees of skill and physical ability. Our area holds a good deal of elk, and the trophy potential is very good. While this is not offered as a “trophy hunt”, there are many bulls we see each year that anyone would consider trophy class.

  • Elk hunting can be very physically demanding, but the rewards are many.
  • On a typical elk hunt you could expect to spend two to four hours per day on a horse riding through the mountains. Or using a vehicle to reach a glassing point then several hours of hiking through the forest, either still-hunting or stalking a herd found from the outlook position.
  • Most of our shot opportunities are inside 200 yards, but sometimes longer shots are necessary so along with some physical conditioning, part of the preparation for this hunt should be shooting at differing ranges from different positions.
  • The deadline for this application is January 31st, remember, the application must be IN Cheyenne by the deadline, the postmark doesn’t matter.  Archery hunters keep in mind that there are sometimes leftover tags available in a July drawing. So if you are unsuccessful with your first attempt, don’t give up hope.
  • We offer rifle hunts during October, which are generally two hunters per guide. Archery hunts take place in September which are always one hunter per guide. Cow elk hunts take place in November and are two hunters per guide.

There is nothing like hearing the bugle of a bull gathering his cows in the predawn light to jumpstart the adrenaline, or the sight of his silhouette as he charges over the ridge against the setting sun, or a group of bachelor bulls browsing for grass in a foot of snow.

We will endeavor to make this hunt as memorable, rewarding and successful as possible. All you need to bring is your rifle, license, personal gear, and desire.

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