Antelope Hunting

  • Antelope area 84 surrounds Dubois and is an excellent region with superb trophy potential. Part of the reason for this is the fact that it is for the most part overlooked by the rest of the state since the better known antelope areas are in the more central and eastern parts of the state.
  • We have a 100% success rate on our antelope hunts, with our hunters either having the opportunity to take or actually harvesting a mature antelope buck. Doe tags are also available for those who want to hunt as much as possible.
  • Most of our hunts are two hunters per guide and utilize a four-wheel drive to access the antelope country, but from that point on, we usually employ spot and stalk methods to close the distance.

The best thing about an antelope hunt aside from affordability, is the flexibility it allows. No matter your age, physical condition, or experience, we can tailor this hunt to fit your needs and desires. For those who want to really get out there and work for it, the opportunity exists to hike and still-hunt your way through the rolling hills and sagebrush gullies, and for those who are looking for a more relaxing trip we can use the trucks to do the legwork.

  • Most of our shot opportunities are about 150 yards, but there are times when a longer shot is necessary so part of the preparation for this hunt should be a trip to the rifle range. The odds of drawing an antelope license in our area are pretty good compared to most other species.
  • The deadline for this application is March 15th, please remember, the application must be IN Cheyenne by the deadline, the date on the postmark doesn’t matter.

We will endeavor to make this hunt as rewarding and wonderful an experience as possible. All you need to bring is your rifle, license, personal gear, and desire.

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