Moose Hunting

Our moose area is filled with superb moose habitat and a stabilizing moose population.  While the reintroduction of the wolf has certainly lowered the number of moose in our area, the extremely limited number of tags has actually served to bolster the trophy quality.  So while during a typical moose hunt we see fewer moose than we used to, we tend to see more mature bulls.

  • All of our moose hunts are one hunter per guide and most utilize a four-wheel drive vehicle to cover as much country as possible. However, if we’re not having luck with that tactic, or if you should decide you’d like to try moose hunting in a more traditional, western way, we can also trailer horses to various trailheads and hunt from horseback. We’ll choose whatever method both seems to have the best odds for success and which suits your needs and desires.
  • This makes for an excellent combination hunt opportunity since we tend to see other species during the hunt. Wyoming has instituted a preference point system, so if you decide you’d like to hunt Wyoming moose someday, your best bet is to start applying now and racking up your preference points.
  • The deadline for this application is February 29th, remember, the application must be IN Cheyenne by the deadline, the date on the postmark doesn’t matter

As always we will endeavor to make this hunt as memorable, rewarding, and successful as possible. All you need to bring is your rifle, license, personal gear, and desire.

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