Sheep Hunting

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunting:

  • We are permitted to guide sheep hunters in areas 4,5,9, and 10. Our sheep hunts include two guides, all horses, tack, camp gear, and meals. We hunt some of the most rugged terrain in the west.
  • Sheep hunting is the most difficult and physically challenging type of hunting Wyoming has to offer, it is also the most rewarding. Typically sheep hunts are 10 days spent in a basic spike camp. Days are spent riding to good vantage points to glass the surrounding areas for quality rams. Once a ram or band of rams is spotted and judged for trophy potential, we plan and execute a stalk.

A Wyoming sheep hunt is a once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity we want to share with you. We want for you to remember this adventure for the rest of your life with a smile, the hunt, the guides, the beautiful country, the horses, and the exhilarating thrill of bringing home the trophy of a lifetime.

  • Wyoming has instituted a preference point system, so if you decide you’d like to hunt bighorn sheep in Wyoming someday, your best bet is to start applying now and racking up your preference points.
  • The deadline for this application is February 29th, remember, the application must be IN Cheyenne by the deadline, the date on the postmark doesn’t matter.

We will endeavor to make this hunt as memorable, rewarding, and successful as possible. All you need to bring is your rifle, license, personal gear, and desire.

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